Purchasing Procedure

Purchasing Policy

The procurement of supplies, equipment, and services necessary for the operation of Brigham Young University-Hawaii has been delegated to the centralized Purchasing Department as the agency authorized to make commitments against money deposited in university accounts. It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to conduct the purchasing functions in a manner, which results in the least ultimate cost to the university and in accordance with ethical practices of the purchasing profession. Purchases for which university funds are to be used, except those allowed by university policy, will be made by the Purchasing Department.

Requesting departments shall specify what is needed in enough detail and clarity so that Purchasing and the vendor(s) have no question as to what is wanted. Purchasing will give assistance in writing specifications, if requested. Supplier contacts may be made by departments to help set the specifications or obtain budget pricing. However, department personnel should not negotiate with or make commitments to the vendor representative, other than that they will be considered along with others for the order.

Final prices, terms and conditions of the purchase are the responsibility of the Purchasing Department. Our effectiveness in negotiating and buying is seriously hampered by commitments implied or preferences expressed to supplier representatives. Often these commitments lead to gross misunderstanding and poor relationships within the university community and with suppliers.

In keeping with Purchasing's responsibility to purchase goods that give the University the best ultimate value, Purchasing may not always buy from the source suggested on the purchase requisition. Purchasing personnel without the permission of the requesting department will not alter the specifications made by the requesting department. Purchasing may make suggestions as to alternatives available in the current market or question quality, but will not change specifications without approval

Correspondence with suppliers relating to present orders, for the purpose of changing specifications, quantities, delivery requirements, or cancellations shall be directed to Purchasing personnel who then will make the communication to the supplier. Purchasing, through the expediting process, will keep departments apprised of the status of each of their orders.

It is our intent to work cooperatively with university personnel and give instruction on purchasing procedures when understanding is lacking. However, when an individual continues to abuse the purchasing policy of Brigham Young University-Hawaii, that individual may be required to pay personally for the commitment that he or she made.