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The undersigned, hereinafter referred to as the Bidder, certifies that the following facts and/or circumstances have occurred or exist in relation to the proposed work for the above named project:

l. That Bidder has received the bid documents for the above entitled project, including drawings, specifications, schedules, scope of work, and addenda if any.

2. That Bidder has a copy of the Brigham Young University Hawaii General Conditions for the project.

3. That Bidder is familiar with such documents, has examined the site of the proposed work, including availability of access, utilities, and other similar items relating to performance of the work and is thoroughly familiar with all general and local conditions which could in any way affect this work.

4. That no verbal agreements or representations with or by any officer, agent, or employee of the Owner exist or have been made to the Bidder with respect to the project, and the Bidder in submitting this proposal is in no way relying thereon.

5. That if this proposal is accepted, Bidder will enter into a contract with the Owner in substantially the form contained in the bid documents, and will provide the bonds and/or lien releases whichever maybe required, insurance coverage and all other items required by the bid documents.

6. The term "base bid" shall be understood to include all work contained in the contract documents excluding any substitutes or alternates. The Owner will have the right to accept Alternates in any order or combination, and to determine the low Bidder on the basis of the sum of the Base Bid and Alternates accepted. Bidder further acknowledges that Owner has absolute discretion on which bid(s) to accept and is not required to accept the bid of the low Bidder. Bidder hereby proposes to furnish all materials, labor, equipment, tools, transportation, services, licenses and permits necessary for the completion of all the work set forth in the bid documents for the sum of:

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