Frequently Asked Questions

Can I allow a friend without an address to receive mail in my box?

No There are federal laws in place that prohibit any mail to be received by another. (Have your friend inquire with the clerk with available options)

How do I change my address with the university?

Login with your CES Cet ID on, click on Student, click on Student Center, click on Mailing under Contact Information, then click on edit to change the Mail address.
Do not change address on

Will all my mail be forwarded to me?

Almost. Standard and non-profit cannot be forwarded, everything else can be. BUT, international letters only can be forwarded.

What will happen to my mail after I return my mail key?

As soon as you change your address, all your mail will begin to be forwarded to the address you provided on the BYUH website. So please update your mailing address on

Can I keep my same mail box when I move off campus?

No. But rental boxes are available for off campus students as long as supply lasts.

If I will be living in the Hales (dorms), can I mail things to myself before I arrive on campus?

No, you may not.


Monday-Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm

Saturday 9:30 - 12:00pm

Closed Sundays, Holidays, and Devotionals

Extra Mail Center Info

Mail is delivered to BYU and TVA boxes by 1:00pm daily.

USPS Outbound Mail pick-up leaves at 2:20 pm Monday-Friday.

Questions? Please contact us! 808-675-3560 or Fax at 808-675-3322

Mail Receptacles

The mail receptacle is located just outside of Mail Center lobby.

Pick up times:

Monday-Friday 2:20pm

Saturday 9:00am.

There is no mail movement on federal holidays.