Contractor's Contraction Information & Forms

General Contractor's Information

 Proposal Evaluation:

All proposals will be kept confidential and will be evaluated on their relative merits, with emphasis on quality, cost, and ability to meet our schedule requirements.  Any decision to divide the project between contractors shall be negotiated with parties involved to the mutual satisfaction of all. BYU Hawaii reserves the right to award or not award contract(s), or to request proposals from other parties.

The terms, conditions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposal shall be understood to govern any Proposal submitted unless explicitly redefined therein, and shall further govern any contract entered into, unless explicitly changed by terms written into such contract.

 BYU-Hawaii Responsibilities:

  • BYU Hawaii will provide instruction on unwritten job specifications or issues.

 Contractor’s Responsibilities:

Please review the University’s General Condition for more detailed information.

Prime Contractor:

Contractor is required to assume responsibility for cleaning and warranting all equipment, and support services contracted for in support of this project, whether or not Contractor is a manufacturer or producer of the equipment or services.  Further, BYU-Hawaii will consider Contractor to be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual matters including: subcontractors, manufacturers and payment of any and all charges resulting from this Project.

a.Contractor’s Subcontractor(s):

Contractor, subject to BYU-Hawaii’s approval, may subcontract portions of this project.  Subcontractors shall be approved by BYU Hawaii.  Such approvals shall be within BYU Hawaii’s sole discretion, but shall not be unreasonably withheld. 

b.Contractor’s Subcontractor Obligation:

No subcontractor shall relieve Contractor of any liability or obligation under this contract.  Contractor agrees that it is fully responsible to BYU Hawaii for acts or omissions of subcontractor(s) and their material-men and of persons either directly or indirectly employed by any of them on this project.

Project Management:

Contractor shall assign for the duration of the project or for each distinct proposal area, a full time project manager whose responsibilities will include:

a. Acting as the single point of contact between Contractor and BYU Hawaii;

b. Effecting the necessary coordination between Contractor, its Sub-contractors and other suppliers, and BYU Hawaii;

c. Establishing and maintaining all project implementation schedules and plans, as approved by BYU Hawaii; and

d. Keeping BYU Hawaii informed through frequent and regular reports on the progress and problems associated with the project.

Materials and Labor:

Contractor shall provide all materials, tools, expendable equipment, temporary utility and transportation services, and labor necessary to complete the job.  This shall include, but not limited to, unloading, storage and control of equipment, security of inventory, installation of equipment and inside/outside plant, system inspections, performance testing, and management of subcontractor personnel.  All materials shall be new and of commercial/industrial quality.  All work is to be performed in a competent manner by workmen and subcontractors skilled in their areas.

a. Workforce Quality:

Contractor shall employ only competent foremen and experienced laborers on the project, and shall discharge or remove immediately, whenever requested to do so by BYU Hawaii, any employee considered by BYU Hawaii to incompetent or disorderly.

b. Adherence to BYU Hawaii Standards:

Contractor’s personnel will follow BYU Hawaii standards and personal conduct codes while on BYU Hawaii premises.  A copy of those standards and codes will be provided to Contractor on request.  Personnel found violating these standards or regulations shall be asked to leave the work site and shall not be allowed to return.  Additionally, Contractor is reminded that there are no designated smoking areas on BYU Hawaii premises.  Work on Sunday will not permitted, except in an emergency condition, and then only when requested and approved by BYU Hawaii.  Such request shall be made through BYU Hawaii Security and Physical Plant personnel.

Ordinances, Regulations and Codes:

Contractor and all subcontractors shall closely adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local ordinances and codes for installation and construction work.  Request for variances from ordinances or codes shall be minimal and requested through the BYU Hawaii Facility.  Specifically, standards and codes published by State of Hawaii Safety Code shall be followed in all construction work and materials.  


All Contractors are required to submit a copy of their current Contractor’s License as listed in the SCOPE OF CLASSIFICATIONS under the State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Liability Insurance:

Contractor is required to submit a copy of their company’s Liability Insurance form, and a copy of their mobile insurance, with your written proposal.

University General Conditions