Cellular Phone Policy

CELLULAR PHONE CORPORATE POLICY Date Approved by President’s council: November 2012 Policy Owner: Materials Management Director Executive Sponsor: Vice-President of Administrative Services POLICY The primary purpose of the Brigham Young University-Hawaii cellular phone program is to provide the most consistent, convenient and cost effective cellular telephone services possible to its employees for business use. The University will only purchase cellular telephones and service agreements from our contracted vendor; unless a specific exception is granted. All cellular phone acquisitions will be coordinated through the Purchasing Department. Request for department paid phones and mobile services must have written approval by the appropriate department head or Vice President. All costs associated with mobile telephones will be borne by the department ordering the equipment. Such costs include, but are not limited to, the following: equipment acquisition and accessories; monthly fees for mobile service; maintenance and repair of equipment; and replacement of lost or stolen equipment. Department heads or appropriate Vice President will be responsible to review and to approve additional charges on top of the monthly mobile service charges. The use of University-owned cellular equipment to make or receive excessive personal calls is discouraged. Employees must realize that although personal calls made within the local calling region and under the usage limits provided by the employee's plan do not result in additional charges, they do count toward the overall time limits established under the service agreement. Any overage, long distance, roaming or other charges realized by the employee for personal calls shall be the responsibility of the employee. Personal charges should be reimbursed by the employee and the University department is responsible for overseeing that the personal charges are reimbursed.

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