Cellular Phone Ohana Policy

CELLULAR PHONE OHANA PROGRAM Date Approved by President’s council: November 2012 Policy Owner: Materials Management Director Executive Sponsor: Vice-President of Administrative Services I. POLICY The primary purpose of the Brigham Young University–Hawaii “Ohana” cellular phone program is to provide families and dependents of eligible full-time employees and alumni a benefit to participate in a cost effective cellular phone program. The plan is referred to as the “Ohana Plan” and employees are billed monthly for mobile service fees, maintenance and repair of equipment, replacement of lost or stolen equipment, equipment acquisition and accessories, and other additional charges. Ohana users are also billed through the employee’s paycheck they are associated with after the employee agrees to the terms outlined in the “Voluntary Payroll Deduction” contract. Alumni and other local Church related employees may apply for this program but must meet strict monthly payment requirements. Any additional phone charges for an Ohana user are posted on the full-time employees’ PeopleSoft expense account and outstanding balances are monitored by the Financial Services Department of BYU–Hawaii. II. DEFINITIONS Dependent- Is loosely defined as anybody that is related to the University employee. Alumni- defined as former students and employees. Voluntary Payroll Deduction contract – Agreement between the BYU–Hawaii employee and the University that all cell phone charges for Ohana users associated to them can be taken out of their paycheck, not to exceed the total amount of the employee’s paycheck.

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