Place an Order

How to: Place an Order



Job ticket with example of information needed.

Information we need to place your order:

    -Your digital file

    -If we are creating your document, please provide us with the wording for the document in an email or Word file

    -Specific description of what you want us to create

    -Finished quantity

    -Finished size (especially need to know for cutting and trimming purposes)

    -Type of paper

Providing a sample helps us know what you have in mind.

    -Provide a sample if possible. This helps give us a better idea of what you want

Let us know a "due date"

    -LET US KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO HAVE IT FINISHED! Any RUSH JOB will be charged an additional 40% of the total price


Ordering a Previously Ordered Item:


Provide us with a sample and note any changes needed.

    -Cross out old information

    -Write in new information

    -Scan item to email, fax or bring in to us



Proof sticker, filled out.

Remember, your order is not complete until you have verified your proof for print or production and paid a 50% deposit.